Unlock New Horizons with Lumenis M22 IPL!

Are you an optometrist looking to elevate your dry eye treatment game? Look no further! The Lumenis M22 IPL is your secret weapon for revolutionizing dry eye therapy at your practice. It has been in use at our practice for the last few years and has helped us net an average of $60k each year for our treatments.

**Benefits of the Lumenis M22 IPL for Dry Eye Management:**

**Advanced Meibomian Gland Therapy:** Target the root cause of evaporative dry eye by addressing meibomian gland dysfunction and ocular/periocular rosacea. The M22 IPL rejuvenates and clears blocked glands, restoring their function.

**Improved Tear Film Quality:** Enhance the quality of your patients' tear film, providing long-lasting relief from dryness and discomfort.

**Quick Treatment Sessions:** Busy patients will appreciate the efficiency of the M22 IPL, with sessions typically taking just a few minutes.

**Non-Invasive:** Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after treatment, making it a convenient choice for their busy lives.

**Clinical Expertise:** As an optometrist, you're uniquely positioned to provide expert dry eye care. The M22 IPL complements your skills, enhancing your practice's reputation as a dry eye treatment center of excellence.

Elevate your dry eye treatment offerings, enhance patient satisfaction, and boost your practice's reputation with the Lumenis M22 IPL. It's time to embrace cutting-edge technology that will set your practice apart.

Included in the purchase of the M22, will come with training from Dr. Collin Gray, who has been doing IPL treatments for over 7 years!

Please inquire if you are interested: gray.collin@gmail.com - 801-473-5127, drgrayod@gmail.com - 801-602-4526"

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