Zeiss Cirrus For Sale 10/16/17

Hi All,
I'm selling my Zeiss Cirrus 4000 HD OCT.  Asking $25,000.00.
Licensing is active for cube and HD raster scans for both anterior segment and posteiror segment.  ONH/NFL evaluation is great, as well as Ganglion Cell Layer analysis and Change Analysis for glaucoma monitoring.  This has been an invaluable piece of equipment for my practice.
It has a new hard drive with 2TB of space, which should be enough for well over 80,000 exams.  I recently had it serviced, as our old hard drive died. I am looking to save space and upgrade equipment, so I would like to find a buyer if anyone wants a less expensive option for great quality OCT.
Contact me by email or text if interested.
- Solomon Campbell