Standard Optical Seeking Full-Time Resident 1/20

Standard Optical Seeking Full-Time Resident OD in Salt Lake Valley 

Compensation Packages offered:
  • Full-Time Employed Resident (5) Day Optometrist = $150,000 +
    • Salary Guarantee, bonuses, co-management, full benefits and 401k and more
    • Signing Bonus of $2500
  • Part-Time Employed = (3) Days per week - $90,000+
    • Salary Guarantee, partial benefits package, bonus, co-management available. 
  • Part-Time / Contracted (1099) - $450 per day (8 hours)  
    • No benefits or performance participation.
    • Potential for higher day rate based on number of days per week and consistency. 
  • Saturday Fill-in: $500 per day (8 Hours)
    • No benefits or performance participation.
    • Potential for higher day rate based on number of days per week and consistency. 
Standard Optical provides our Optometrists with the professionalism of private practice combined with the economies of a market leader including “most favored nation” status with most contact lens vendors, equipment/technology providers, remote/telehealth and mobile eyecare services. Our commitment to optometry and involvement in local and federal legislative efforts combined with relationships with AOA, UOA, VCA and Jobson insure access to data, technology, and resources to provide distinct advantages. Participation in Vision Expo training, panel discussions and keynote engagements for areas of expertise are available for subject matter experts and/or cutting edge ODs.  Full-scope routine and medical eye care combined with multiple location options, full or part time work, credentialing and third party collection services, trained ABO certified staff, fully-equipped exam facilities, travel expenses, access Medical Center of Excellence – OCT, PentaCam, Humphreys Full Field, Biometry, Ultrasound, YAG, Aerometer, Pachy, full VISX design Suite, MD and OD on staff and emergency and after hours service and open-access opportunities.  Our OD’s are supported with over $1 Million in annual advertising, digital SEO/SEM, review management, reputation management, patient experience surveys, COPE continuing education, annual training in billing/coding compliance, Medicare and OIG training, attorney services, full malpractice and general liability insurance, local PR campaigns on television digital outlets and industry trade publications, personalized web-landing page, video testimonials, local community outreach and various performance based rewards and incentive programs including participation in international humanitarian work in places such as: Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, Dominican Republic, China, Africa as well as local partnerships with Stand Up To Cancer, YWCA, The United Way and more.  Standard Optical Optometrists are earning, on average, 7-12% more money than the average Utah OD.  See more patients, access more resources and come work for the leader. 
For details contact Aaron Schubach, Owner of Standard Optical Company or send CV to:
(o) 801-886-2020
(c) 801-201-3026