Practice Opportunity in WY 3/5/19

Attention Utah Optometrists:
I am looking for an associate or partner to join my practice here in Casper, Wyoming.  We practice full scope optometry, with up-to-date technology and equipment to diagnose and manage most eye diseases. 
Additionally, I am a COVD and NORA member, and I work with patients who have had strokes, TBI's, tumors, concussions, etc...and with children of all ages who have eye dysfunctions/ vision-related learning disabilities,( strabs, conv insuff, dyslex, tracking, amblyopia, perceptual, etc.  ).
I am looking for a doctor who enjoys this area of practice (neuro-optometric rehabilitation/ vision therapy), to take over this part of the practice. there is huge opportunity for expansion, as there is no one else that does this in central Wyoming. you can practice in all other areas of optometry as well.
Casper is a great place to raise a family!
If interested please email me at:
or send a letter of interest to :
Central Wyoming Optometric Center
Dr. Deon K. Zeitner
1111 S. McKinley, Casper, WY 82601