Para Optometric Class Descriptions

Friday June 8th, 2018 9-10 am: An Efficient and Happy Front Desk 
1 hour, Joy Gibb

The front desk is quite often the first insight patients will have in to your office. When you can accomplish having a smooth running and pleasant front desk, it tends to continue throughout the entire office. This course will explore ways to improve efficiency in answering phones, scheduling appointments, information gathering, and the check-in and check-out of patients 

Friday June 8th 2018, 10-11 am: Customer Service vs. Customer Experience
1 Hour , Joy Gibb
Course Description: There's a lot of talk about the differences between customer service and a customer experience. This course will focus on creating an experience based culture and generate ideas that can be implemented in your practice. In addition, attendees will be able to understand that not customer experience efforts are beneficial to the practice and how to differentiate and decide upon ways that will impress the patient/customer as well as provide positive results for the practice

Friday June 8th, 2018 11- 12 pm: Premium Products How to Sell the Expensive Stuff
1 hour, Joy Gibb

Course Description: The industry now offers better and more technically advanced products than ever before.  The eye care professional needs to know how to position these premium products within their practice and how to offer them to customers so they understand the value in purchasing them.  This course will explain some of the features of premium lenses, coatings, and frames and suggest ways to promote them at various stages of the patient’s visit.  In turn practices can see an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction when these products are dispensed effectively.  

Friday June 8th, 2018 4- 5 pm : Dealing with Difficult Patients
1 hour, Lynn Lawrence CPOT

Course Description: The purpose of this lecture is to aid staff members in diffusing difficult patients without offending, while maintaining control.  It will identify tools and techniques using in most situations.  This course is inter-active and requires participation.

Friday June 8th, 2018 5-6 pm : HIPAA Now
1 hour, Lynn Lawrence CPOT

Course Description:This course is designed to cover the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act from the basics to current trends in the practice.  It will assist attendees in setting up their own HIPAA compliance program and understand the value in having a HIPAA Compliance Officer.

Saturday June 9th, 2018 8-9am : Basic Optical Math
1 hour, Lynn Lawrence CPOT

Course Description: Covers mathematical operations used in day-to-day assisting principles.  It will also cover mathematical operations of a more complex nature and provides step-by-step mathematical

Saturday June 9th, 2018 9-10 am : Transpositions and Conversions
1 hour, Lynn Lawrence CPOT

Course Description: This course is designed to teach the beginner how to transpose both minus and plus cylinders.  It will also teach how to convert to near vision only and intermediate distances.  This course will assist in the common everyday optical math.  A 15 question test will be given in the course to allow attendees to prove themselves.

*** Special Classes combined with ODs in the Main Ballroom****
 1:00-3:00 pm: combined course w Docs: The Ultimate Practice II
2 hours,  Lynn Lawrence CPOT
Course Description: This course is designed to be a more in-depth course to assist the attendees in understanding the primary requirements for a thriving practice. A handout is given and key points for making a practice more practical are discussed. The course will cover the key and critical elements within a practice that are required for an efficient practice.

3:00-5:00 pm: combined course w Docs: How to Implement Organizational Change
2 hour,  Lynn Lawrence CPOT
Course Description: The background of this course is designed to assist the attendees in understanding the value of planning organizational change and how to avoid some common pitfalls associated with organizational change. The course will cover the key and critical elements which need to be addressed when making changes to processes or structure within a practice

5:00-6:00 pm: combined course w Docs: How To Conduct a Staff Meeting
1 hour,   Lynn Lawrence CPOT
Course Description: This lecture is design to assist office personnel in understanding the value of a staff meeting. The course identifies the How To on conducting effective staff meetings from planning, to set-up, and the execution of an effective staff meeting. THE COURSE IS INTERACTIVE and an outline for on office agenda will be provided.