Para Optometric Class Descriptions

Para Optometric Course Descriptions:
Creating an Indispensable Impression
 Positive first impressions dictate the atmosphere of our patient’s experience.  We will discuss our ability to maximize a positive visit through phone etiquette strategies, communication in the frame room, along with applicable marketing 
 The Secrets Of Creating Patient Loyalty  
 We will discuss motivational and progressive techniques that encourage patient loyalty.  Find creative and inspired, methods that stimulate new patient growth; while we ensure continued growth for our practice.
Remaining upbeat in the face of competition is not easy.   Marketing ideas that will help us maintain our professionalism, while continuing to focus on our patient’s needs.
 Task Specific Eyewear
Studies have confirmed what ophthalmic professionals have known, task specific eyewear will lead to an increase in patient productivity. This is a course designed to introduce the most up to date safety, sport and visual specific eyewear. We will discuss marketing concepts for task specific lenses and frames.
3 Steps To A More Profitable Practice 
  This course is designed to help attendees become skilled in frame styling.  Suggesting a variety of frame fashions with confidence can change the dynamics of patient relationships.  Our understanding of lens and lens products enable us to recommend the appropriate lens that will meet and exceed each individual’s need.
 Exercise, Nutrition And Eye Health
 There is no doubt that exercise is good for us.  We will look at the most current studies on a direct correlation between exercises and lowering our risk for eye diseases, glaucoma, and age related macular degeneration, and cataracts.  
Discussing new and specific guidelines to help us understand the benefits exercise can be for our patients’ that may already have eye disorders.
 We will follow new research that has linked nutrition and powerful antioxidants to reducing some eye diseases.  Develop and understand the powerful tool we have in our control by maintaining a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, allowing us to relate the benefits to our patients. 
The struggle between the online contact lens companies and eye care professionals that put their time and energy into the most precise fit and comfort for our patients has become a daily occurrence.                                                                                                    Contact lenses do not fit perfectly by accident.   It sometimes requires multiple visits, and several trial contact lenses, so how can we as ophthalmic professionals NOT take it personally when our patients want to order their contact lenses from an impersonal online contact lens company
Remakes, Warranties, and Common Sense
Our discussion for this course will identify warranties offered by frame and lens manufacturers. We will take a common sense approach when offering warranties to our patients. Understand and eliminate the need for some of the common and the unusual causes for the lens remake. 
Combined Optional Classes with your Doc Saturday Afternoon:
Joe DeLoach: The Future of Healthcare, combined courses w Docs
Telehealth, robots, online, competition, the changing patient - whats happening to medical care and why optometry must wake up soon

Joe DeLoach: HealthCare Reimbursement Just the Facts Mam', combined course w Docs
The true tenets of medical reimbursement - medical ethics - why optometry is progressively in trouble with payers and how to avoid it

Joe DeLoach: Thirteen Most Common Documentation Errors, combined course w Docs
Documentation is the key reason optometry IS in trouble with payers - the most common concepts of proper medical records documentation

Joe DeLoach: Compliance Can't I just Be A Doctor Anymore, combined course w Docs
Fundamental concepts of Federal and State health care compliance - everything an OD should hear but doesn’t want to