Optometry/Opthalomolgy Equipment For Sale 9/30/17

Optometry/Ophthalmology Equipment for Sale
  1.  Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer 740i
Latest software updates.  Excellent condition.  Comes with auto adjustable table, wheelchair access, Factory built in printer and additional laser printer.  Full trial lens set.  Factory manuals and care kit.  Free Delivery.
$12,500 or best offer.
  1.  Marco RT 300 Phoropter
       Excellent condition.  Minus cylinder.                         
       $2,300 or best offer.
  1.  Other items
Keeler Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope.
Keeler Direct Ophthalmoscope, Retinoscope, and Transilluminator.
Marco KM-500 Hand Held Auto Keratometer.
Trial lens set and Trial Frame.
Loose lens prism set up to 50.00D. 
Horizontal Prism Bar.
(2)  Zeiss 3 mirror Gonioscopic and Retinal Evaluation Lenses.
Hand Held Perkins  Tonometer. Very accurate.
$ Make offers on each or package deal
                Call Mark Hunt OD
                   (435) 668-3840