Optometric Technician/Office Assist. Wanted 9/13/8

Optometric Technician / Medical Office Assistant Responsibilities

  • Perform visual field screening, retinal imaging, and auto-refraction tests
  • Gather information about a patient's vision history
  • Instruct contact lens insertion, removal, care, and replacement 
  • Ensure that the practice's optical quality standards are met
  • Work with patient in adaptation of their lenses
  • Adjustment and minor eyeglass repair

Optometric Technician / Medical Office Assistant Skills & Qualifications
  • The ability to work well with technology and various instruments
  • Extremely efficient, organized and resourceful.
  • Strong customer service and the ability to be a calming presence when patients may be nervous.
  • Proven customer service skills required in order to create, maintain and enhance patient relationships
  • High level of initiative and works well in a team environment
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Prior experience as an Optometric Technician / Medical Office Assistant 

Tammy Rundle
Practice Manager
Broadway Eye Clinic  
250 E. 300 S. #110

Salt Lake City, UT 84111  
(O) 801-322-0467