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2021 UOA Annual Congress
7:30am-1pm: Golf Tournament                                            Soldier Hollow
Registration 11-2:30pm                                                         Geneve Room
1-3pm: Semes Lessons Learned from Larry: Honoring a Giant          Matterhorn  2
3-5pm: Semes: A New Look at AMD                                                       Matterhorn    2
5-6pm: Semes: Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine                     Matterhorn    1
6-7:00pm: Utah Optometric Association Business Meeting Grindelwald
7:00pm Kickoff Reception sponsored by the Eye institute     Matterhorn                
Thursday Total                                                                                                                    5
Friday June 11th, 2021 (7 hours possible CE):
Registration 7am-10am and 4pm-6pm                                             Geneve Room
7-8am Bausch and lomb breakfast for ODs                                        Matterhorn
Multi Track plus Workshop Days (you must have preregistered and paid in advance for workshops):
Track 1: 8-9:00am: Devries: Improving OSD Diagnosis 
               9-10:00am Devries: Improving OSD Treatment with the Latest Technologies    
               10-12:00    Devries: Case Discussion  Surgical Presbyopic Solutions                           
Track 2: 8-10am:  Wooldridge: Vaccinations lecture                        
              10am-12pm: Hickenbotham: Vaccinations workshop:
              12-1:30pm: Installation Lunch sponsored by Hoopes Vision
            1:30-4pm: Exhibit Hall
 4-5pm: Biologics and the OD practice
Track 1: 5-6pm Devries: Intense Pulsed Light as Adjunctive Treatment of MGD                
Track 2: 4pm-6pm:  CPR workshop 
Friday Total                                                                                                                                      6
Saturday June 12th, 2021 (7 hours possible CE)
            7-8am: Sponsored and Presentations by Gold Level Sponsors
Track 1: 8-9am: McGreal   Pain without Stain Managing Neuropathic Corneal Pain
               9-10am McClellan: Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccines                                                                  
Track 2: 8am-10am: McGee: The Oculoplastic Optometric Physician          Grindelwald     2
                          10:00-1:00pm: Exhibit hall and Lunch 
 Track 1:Combined sessions with Paras
               1 -2 pm:  McGreal: MIGS in Modern Glaucoma Care                                                                                    Matterhorn                  
               2-5 pm:   McGreal   Coding, Compliance MIPS for 2020              Matterhorn  
              5-6 Advances in Modern Cataracts   Matterhorn  
Track 2: 1:00-2:00pm: McGee: improving Customer Service Connections    
                2:00-3:00pm McGee: Intense Pulsed Light as Aesthetic treatment Grindelwald    
Track 2: 3:00-4:00pm: McGee: Radiofrequency Radiation in Eyecare         Grindelwald      
Track 2: 4:00-6:00pm McGee/Wooldridge: Aesthetics Workshop    Grindelwald  
Total Track One                                                                                                                       7
Total Track Two              7
6:30-9:00pm: Utah Optometric Association Family Carnival Sponsored by Utah Eye Centers
Sunday June 13th  2021 (4 hours CE):
7-8am: Promotional light breakfast for ODs sponsored by Waite Vision      Matterhorn
Single Day Track:  
8-10am: Brujic: Pharm. Treatment of Ant Seg Inflam Conditions    Matterhorn  2
10-12pm: Brujic: How Systemic Conditions Can Affect the Eye        Matterhorn   2
12pm: Adjournment
Total                                                                                                                         4
Total Hours offered                                                                                               29