Equipment for Sale 4/1/20189

Optometric Equipment For Sale
Moved to new location. All equipment is for sale. 

Will take any reasonable offer. 

Please call or text Roy at 801-391-1484 Any offer available:
America Optical 11325 Phoropter (With Additonal cylinders +$300)1350
Americal Optical Project-o-chart Model 1217 and stand200
American Optical Ophthalmoscope Black Vintage20
Bausch & Lomb Model 70 vertometer LensometerNo sale
Burton Ultra violet Exam Light125
Contact Lens Modification Unit75
Koenigkramer Reliance Optical Stand eye examination700
Lense-co Calibration kit100
Marco 101 manual lensmeter1100
Marco IIB Slit Lamp With Power Supply1200
Mentor Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope with exterer power supply400
Non Contact Tonometer Model 12415 with Stand400
Optical Flippers 5 each
Optometric chair Manual1100
Radiuscope American Optical500
Red and Green Therapy Glasses125
Reichert Project-o-chart75
Vigor El471 & sks 7xsd Measuring Magnifyer80
Vintage Eye Glass Trial Lens Set150
Volk Diagnostic Set Double aspheric lens 20D 78D 90D700