Equipment for Sale 1/16/18

Optometric Equipment For Sale
Moved to new location. All equipment is for sale. 

Will take any reasonable offer. 

Please call or text Roy at 801-391-1484
America Optical 11325 Phoropter (With Additonal cylinders +$300) 1350
Americal Optical Project-o-chart Model 1217 and stand 200
American Optical Ophthalmoscope Black Vintage 20
Bausch & Lomb Model 70 vertometer Lensometer No sale
Burton Ultra violet Exam Light 125
Contact Lens Modification Unit 75
Keratometer 350
Koenigkramer Reliance Optical Stand eye examination 700
Lense-co Calibration kit 100
Marco 101 manual lensmeter 1100
Marco IIB Slit Lamp With Power Supply 1200
Mentor Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope with exterer power supply 400
Non Contact Tonometer Model 12415 with Stand 400
Optical Flippers  5 each
Optometric chair Manual 1100
Radiuscope American Optical 500
Red and Green Therapy Glasses 125
Reichert Project-o-chart 75
Vigor El471 & sks 7xsd Measuring Magnifyer 80
Vintage Eye Glass Trial Lens Set 150
Volk Diagnostic Set Double aspheric lens 20D 78D 90D 700