2022 Para Optometric Schedule

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Para Optometric Program 2022
*All classes taught by Phernell Walker and are both ABO and CPC approved

Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM, LDO, NCLEC

Anyone who meets Phernell Walker knows that optics is is passion. He has become a nationally-recognized speaker because of his unique talent for teaching his students everything they need ot know to become a professional optician. He authored the textbook, Pure Optics, to help his students prepare for the ABO exams. Mr. Walker is one of only a few hundred people to earn a Master in Ophthalmic Optics (ABOM). He currently serves as the Director of Optometric Relations at VSP Ventures. His educational achievements include an MBA, BS in Business, and an AS in Ophthalmic Optics. He is certified by both the American Board of Opticianry (ABOC) and National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLEC).

Friday, June 10th, 2021
Friday Classes:
(Please note the para program is single track)

9–10 am:  Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD): Vision Therapy & Ophthalmic

  • Binocular Vision Dysfuncion (BVD) disrupts daily activities from reading, driving, learning, and can even be debilitating. Treatment using relieving prisms are commonly used for esophoria, vertical heterophoria, and divergence insufficiency. However, exophoria, convergence excess, convergence insufficiency, and divergence excess are best treated using a combination of ophthalmic lenses and vision therapy. This course explored binocular vision and treatment options including ophthalmic lenses with prism and vision therapy.

10–11 am: Color Vision: Do you see what I see?

  • Humans can detect up to 7,000,000 colors. However, not everyone can detect these colors. Opticians play an important role in helping color-deficient patients achieve a better quality of life by enhancing differences in colors. This course reviews how we perceive color, the importance color vision plays in our daily lives, and ophthalmic lens filters that can improve the quality of life for color-deficient patients.

11–12 pm: The Clear & Present Danger of Diabetes

  • Diabetes is a prevalent systemic disease that has direct implications on ocular health and vision. Knowing the implications of diabetes is an important aspect of eye care for all eye care professionals. This course provides an up-to-date understanding of this increasing systemic disease and its effect on vision.

12–1 pm Installation Lunch Hosted by Hoopes Vision

1:30–4 pm Exhibit Hall
4–5 pm: Theory of Refraction

  • Refraction is a science and an art. It is important to understand the relationship between the refractive state of the eye and a prescription for glasses. This course explores the science and art of the subjective refractive sequence step-by-step

5–6 pm: What's New for Opticians and Technicians?

  • Modern ophthalmic optics has ushered in technology that was once thought to be impossible is now a reality! Learn how to embrace the new ophthalmic technology so you can give your eye care patients what they really want. This course explores the new era of lens, frame, and optometric exam technology and will inspire you to see eye care in a whole new light.

Saturday, June 11th, 2021

Sponsored full Breakfast Provided Saturday Morning at 7 am with a Presentation from Waite Vision

Saturday Classes:
8–9 am: Handling Prescriptions that Contain Prism

  • Prescriptions with prism can create some unique challenges. This fun and interactive course explores both prescribed and accidental prism. Topics include Prentice Rule, decentration, therapeutic vs. adverse prism, prism distribution, verify prescribed prism, compounding and resolving prism, and prism thinning.

9–10 am: Pure Optics Q & Q: What is Optical Jeopardy?

  • This is an actual Jeopardy game the paras engage in hands-on and it is a lot of fun.

10–1:00 pm Exhibit Hall and Drawing, Box Lunch at 11:30 am drawing at 12:30 pm
***Optional Saturday Afternoon Program to attend with your Doctor in the main Ballroom. This does NOT have ABO credit!

Combined sessions with Doctors: 4 hours
Track 1:
1–3 pm: Deloach: Rx Compliance: From Rules to Robots
  • This course will cover the four major compliance areas that impact every health care provider which include HIPAA, Human Resources, and hazard OSHA. The lecture will also provide insight into the future and changes that will help shape these areas.
3–5 pm: Deloach: Revenue Cycle Management 
  • This course will cover the basics of revenue cycle management including insurance, billing, coding, denial management, and the must-knows for survival in an ever-changing climate.
5–6 pm: Deloach: Specialty Procedure Documentation and Coding
  • This course will cover the coding and documentation for surgical and specialty procedures

Family Carnival Hosted by Utah Eye Centers 6:30pm

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