2022 Doctor Schedule

2022 UOA Annual Congress

June 9th, 2022 (5 hours possible CE)
7:30 am–1 pm: Golf Tournament                                                                             Soldier Hollow
Registration 11 am–2:30 pm 

1–2 pm: Lin: TBI Fact vs Fiction- Tackling Common Myths                                Matterhorn
2–3 pm: Lin: Brain Injury & Vision: Tips for the Primary Care OD                    Matterhorn
3–4 pm: Grandela: Adapting For Independence Low Vision Rehabilitation   Matterhorn

4–6 pm: Lin: Genetic Testing & Gene Therapy                                                     Matterhorn

6–7 pm: Utah Optometric Association Business Meeting                                       Grindelwald
7 pm Kickoff Reception sponsored by The Eye Institute of Utah                            Matterhorn
Thursday Total                                    5

Friday June 10th, 2022 (6 hours possible CE):
Registration 7 am–10 am and 4 pm–6 pm

7–8 am Promotional light breakfast for ODs                                                        Matterhorn
Multi-Track plus Workshop Days (you must have preregistered and paid in advance for workshops):

Track 1:

8–10 am: Lin: Genetic Testing for IRDs Workshop                                           Matterhorn
10 am–12 pm Wooldridge: Postops Gone Wild!                                               Matterhorn

Track 2:

8–10 am:  Karpecki: New Pharmaceuticals and Their Clinic Applications    Interlaken                 
10–11 am: Karpecki: Preparing Your Practice for Presbyopia                        Interlaken
11 am–12 pm: Karpecki: Optometry Meets Neurology: Linking Headaches and Dry Eye Symptomology         Interlaken
12–1:30 pm: Installation Lunch sponsored by Hoopes Vision                              Matterhorn
1:30–4 pm: Exhibit Hall                                                                                           Bernese Center

Track 1:

4-6 pm Karpecki: Seven Habits of Highly Successful Anterior Uveitis Management     Matterhorn        

Track 2:

4–6 pm:  Grandela: Low Vision Workshop                                                         Davos

7–9 pm: White Tent Event                                                                                        Lawn

Total Track One                6
Total Track Two                6

Saturday June 11th, 2022 (7 hours possible CE)
7–8 am: Sponsored and Presentations by Waite Vision                                       Matterhorn
Track 1:
Track 2:
8–9 am: Johnson: The ABCs of Omega-3s for Dry Eye and More                   Interlaken
 9–10 am: Johnson: Shooting Pearls: SLT, LPI, and YAG Capsulotomy           Interlaken
10 am–1 pm: Exhibit hall and Lunch                                                                       Bernese Center
Track 1: Combined sessions with Paras: 4 hours
1–3 pm: Deloach: Rx Compliance: From Rules to Robots                                 Matterhorn
3–5 pm: Deloach: Revenue Cycle Management – Start to Finish                     Matterhorn
5–6 pm: Deloach: Specialty Procedure Documentation and Coding               Matterhorn
Track 2:
1–3 pm: Johnson: Lids and Lashes on the Cutting Edge                                   Interlaken
3–5 pm: Johnson: Anterior Segment Laser Lab                                                  Interlaken
5–6 pm: Walline: Orthokeratology                                                                        Interlaken
Track 3:
1–3 pm: Lee: The Future of Keratoconus                                                            Grindelwald
3-5 pm: Lee: Corneal Cross-Linking Wetlab                                                        Davos
5–6 pm: Wooldridge: MIGS Workshop                                                                 Davos
Total Track One                7
Total Track Two                7
Total Track Three             7
6:30–9 pm: Utah Optometric Association Family Carnival Sponsored by Utah Eye Centers          Matterhorn

Sunday June 12th 2022 (4 hours CE):
7–8 am: Promotional light breakfast for ODs                                                          Matterhorn

Track 1:
8–10 am: Walline: Contact Lens Myopia Control                                                 Mattherhorn
10–11 am: Walline: Atropine and Spectacle Myopia Control                             Matterhorn
11 am –12 pm: Walline: Fitting Kids with Contact Lenses                                  Matterhorn

Track 2:
8–9 am: Deloach/Avery: Treading on Thin Ice: What You Should Have

Learned in Kindergarten About Taking What's Not Yours                                  Grindelwald
9–10 am: Deloach/Avery: Social Media –  What's Hot and What's Not             Grindelwald
10 am –12 pm: Deloach: Are We What We Eat Myths and Lies Brought to You by the AMA, FDA, and Pharma Industry     Grindelwald                         

1 pm: Adjournment
Total                                                                           5
Total Hours CE Credit offered                               23

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