2022 Doctor Schedule

2022 UOA Annual Congress

June 9th, 2022 (5 hours possible CE)
7:30 am–1 pm: Golf Tournament                                                                   Soldier Hollow
Registration 11 am–2:30 pm 

1–2 pm: Lin: TBI Fact vs Fiction- Tackling Common Myths 
2–3 pm: Lin: Brain Injury & Vision: Tips for the Primary Care OD 
3–4 pm: Grandela: Adapting For Independence Low Vision Rehabilitation

4–6 pm: Lin: Genetic Testing & Gene Therapy

6–7 pm: Utah Optometric Association Business Meeting 
7 pm Kickoff Reception sponsored by The Eye Institute of Utah              Matterhorn
Thursday Total                                    5

Friday June 10th, 2022 (6 hours possible CE):
Registration 7 am–10 am and 4 pm–6 pm

7–8 am Promotional light breakfast for ODs
Multi-Track plus Workshop Days (you must have preregistered and paid in advance for workshops):

Track 1:

8–10 am: Lin: Genetic Testing Workshop 
10 am–12 pm Wooldridge: Postops Gone Wild!    

Track 2:

8–10 am:  Karpecki: New Pharmaceuticals and Their Clinic Applications                     
10–11 am: Karpecki: Preparing Your Practice for Presbyopia
11 am–12 pm: Karpecki: Optometry Meets Neurology: Linking Headaches and Dry Eye Symptomology
12–1:30 pm: Installation Lunch sponsored by Hoopes Vision
1:30–4 pm: Exhibit Hall

Track 1:

4-6 pm Karpecki: Seven Habits of Highly Successful Anterior Uveitis Mgt             

Track 2:

4–6 pm:  Grandela: Low Vision Workshop

7–9 pm: White Tent Event

  • This event is sponsored by Monson Vision and will be an opportunity for you and your significant other to meet with legislators and election officials to discuss our legislation regarding scope expansion

Total Track One                6
Total Track Two                6

Saturday June 11th, 2022 (7 hours possible CE)
7–8 am: Sponsored and Presentations by Waite Vision
Track 1:
8–10 am: Monson: Advancements in Safety and Performance of Phacic Intraocular Collamer Lenses
Track 2:
8–9 am: Johnson: The ABCs of Omega-3s for Dry Eye and More
 9–10 am: Johnson: Shooting Pearls: SLT, LPI, and YAG Capsulotomy
10 am–1 pm: Exhibit hall and Lunch 
Track 1: Combined sessions with Paras: 4 hours
1–3 pm: Deloach: Rx Compliance: From Rules to Robots
3–5 pm: Deloach: Revenue Cycle Management 
5–6 pm: Deloach: Specialty Procedure Documentation and Coding
Track 2:
1–3 pm: Johnson: Lids and Lashes on the Cutting Edge 
3–5 pm: Johnson: Laser Workshop
5–6 pm: Walline: Orthokeratology
Track 3:
1–3 pm: Lee: Keratoconus and Corneal Cross Linking
3-4 pm: Lee: CXL Workshop
4–6 pm: Wooldridge: MIGS Workshop
Total Track One                7
Total Track Two                7
Total Track Three             7
6:30–9 pm: Utah Optometric Association Family Carnival Sponsored by Utah Eye Centers

Sunday June 12th 2022 (4 hours CE):
7–8 am: Promotional light breakfast for ODs

Track 1:
8–10 am: Walline: Contact Lens Myopia Control
10–11 am: Walline: Atropine and Spectacle Myopia Control
11 am –12 pm: Walline: Fitting Kids with Contact Lenses

Track 2:
8–9 am: Deloach/Avery: Treading on Thin Ice: What You Should Have Learned in Kindergarten About Taking What's Not Yours
9–10 am: Deloach/Avery: Social Media –  What's Hot and What's Not
10 am –12 pm: Deloach: Are We What We Eat Myths and Lies Brought to You by the AMA, FDA, and Pharma Industry                              

1 pm: Adjournment
Total                                                                           5
Total Hours CE Credit offered                               23

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