Nikon NS 1V Zoom Slit Lamp For Sale 7/18/17

Nikon NS-1V Zoom Slit Lamp for Sale,
  I am upgrading my second exam lane with a new imaging slit lamp microscope which makes my trusty beautiful Nikon Extra.  It is 17 years old, and I have used it part time in one of my two exam lanes.   It has great optics and zoom magnification.  Nikon does not sell ophthalmic equipment anymore so there is no service available through Nikon.  Bulbs are readily available through any medical bulb seller.  I'm asking $2000.   Please text Dr. Ackerson at 435-503-1664 if you want to come look at a few eyes while it is still mounted on the stand.  My new microscope comes on July 27th.